Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator
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Pure Steam Generator is a device that uses injectable water or purified water to produce pure steam. It is widely used in medical, health, bio-pharmaceutical and food industries for sterilization and disinfection of equipments, can effectively prevent the re-contamination by impurities such as heavy metals and pyrogens.
1.lndustrial saturated steam without impurities and corrosive materials, the maximum pressure is 9bar.
2.Feeding water requires deionized water without silica, chlorine, amine and volatile substance, etc. The pressure required is 1-2bar.
3.Power supply standards: according to Lhe clients'requirements.
4.Dry, oil-free and clean compressed air, the minimum pressure required is 6bar.
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