Glass Bottle IV Infusion Filling Sealing Production Line
Glass Bottle IV Infusion Filling Sealing Production Line
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The production line is composed of bottle unscrambler, rough washing machine, fine washing machine, filling and stoppering machine, capping machine. It can complete bottle unscrambling, rough washing, fine washing, nitrogen filling, vacuumize, stopper unscrambling, stopper pressing, cap unscrambling, capping and other complex functions, realizing automatic production of the whole process. Each machine can be used separately or in linkage line. The whole line is mainly used for production of sterile glass bottle IV infusions, and also final sterilized drugs.

1.The whole line meets new GMP requirements, and the cleaning effect meets the new Pharmacopoeia standards and requirements.

2.The whole line can be designed in diversified layout according to plant site, to reduce risk of drug cross-contamination, and ensure convenience of operation of personnel and materials.

3.Applicable specification: 50ml-1000ml iv glass bottle (as per user’s requirement)

4.Production Capacity: 1000-21000BPH

5.Number of filling head: 1-20, to be selected according to output
Filling Accuracy: ≤±1% (according to drug characteristics)
Capping qualified rate: ≥99.9%

8.Compact and simple structure, occupies less area;

9.Stable product performance, easy and reliable operation, beautiful appearance;

10.High degree of automation, few operators required;

11.The filling machine uses the principle of flow control for filling, the filling volume is adjusted by computer, and the measurement is accurate.
Filling machine has CIP/SIP function.
Optional open-RABS isolation protection system and class 100 laminar flow hood protection;
Optional high-performance no-bottle-no-filling, no bottle no stoppering, no bottle no capping and squeeze stop functions;

15.Full-line linkage control function;

16.The capping machine can be equipped with dust exhaust device, which can absorb aluminum scraps produced during capping and thus reduce the risk of environmental pollution.
The whole line can be equipped with online monitoring system to monitor key factors that affect product quality (such as dust particles, planktonic bacteria, wind speed, wind pressure, etc.).
To realize fully automatic control and monitor of production process, high precision colored touch screen operation monitoring, PLC automatic control & automatic protection, main machine frequency conversion speed regulation and other control technology are used.
Applicable for wide range of bottle specifications, and easy to replace mould.
The products can be customized according to actual demand of customers.

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